The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Conditioning Systems To Your Health

When it is hot, you are probably thinking of making use of an air conditioning system or purchasing one. It is however important for you to get to know of the advantages and the disadvantages that come with the using of this system. During the early days, air conditioning systems were considered to be an extravagant equipment and not many people could afford it. In fact, only the rich and wealthy of that time could have afforded an air conditioning system. Nowadays, these systems have become something that is common not only in peoples homes but offices as well.

Some of the advantages of central air

When the weather is extreme in terms of heat, then this automatically impacts on how people function as well as their intelligence. The physical activity of individuals is also affected when it is too hot. Due to this, many people opt to make use of air conditioning systems so that they can be able to feel the cool air and also ensure that they are comfortable. Other advantages include:

1. It results in the improvement of physical and intellectual activity

2. It improves the comfort levels of individuals not only at work but also when they are at home relaxing.

3. Chilled or low temperatures can get rid of insects and parasites.

4. Enhances the job performance of employees

5. A good installation or an air conditioning system and regular maintenance can improve and renew the quality of air in a home or office.

6. Air conditioners also play an important role when it comes to the excluding of different allergens like pollens which may end up affecting people who suffer from allergies.

Some of the disadvantages of air conditioning systems

Despite the relief that these systems tend to bring in extremely hot climatic conditions, there are a number of health problems that come as a result of making use of an air conditioner on a daily basis. Some of the disadvantages include:

1. It causes noise pollution especially because of its ambient noise.

2. The unexpected changes in temperature and humidity tend to affect the respiratory system of many individuals.

3. Air conditioning systems may end up worsening pharyngitis, chronic rhinitis, throat irritation, and hoarseness.

4. In some cases, indoor air pollution is considered to be way greater than air pollution from outside. If the indoor pollutions contain a few allergens, then you may end up suffering from headaches, nasal issues, difficulty breathing, itchy eyes and dizziness. In some extreme cases, you may end up suffering an asthma attack and pneumonia.

5. Spending too much time in rooms or offices that are air conditioned may cause you to suffer from heat intolerance especially when you get outside.