How To Clean Your Kitchen Chimney

You can keep your kitchen chimney in good health, if you do a little cleaning once a week. This can be done in simple ways, and ensures a nice longevity for the machine. In most of the cases of negligence, kitchen chimneys give off before the estimated time, just because the motor cannot operate due to extreme congestion of oil and clumps of dirt, this can be totally avoided, when you clean the chimneys frequently and never let the dirt and grease build up through the machine body and parts.

How to clean your kitchen chimney

The kitchen chimney has two main oil catchers. One is right above the gas burner, hanging over the burner where the motor rotates. Here is a small oil collecting tray hanging below the rotor. These collects oil everyday. Another oil catcher is at the far end of the chimney body, where the excess oil which doesnt get converted into fume and gets out is collected, and slowly pours into the oil catcher. These two parts needs weekly cleaning for best results.

The machine body also gets a lot of grease from daily usage. And the whole body gets greasy and accumulates loose particulate matter on top of that to get sticky and dirty.

Cleaning for the machine body and the oil catchers is easy, and you would need a cleaner solvent, some clothes, and newspaper or tissue paper. For the solvent, kerosene oil works really well. The other choices are branded grease and dirt kitchen cleaners.

You will have to carefully detach the oil catchers from place; its an easy step. Next after pouring off the oil, you will have to rub off the excess oil with the paper. And then you should dip the cloth in the kerosene or kitchen grease cleaner solvent and rub the insides and outsides of the oil catchers to clean off. The chimney body can be cleaned in the same way.

This self cleaning will ensure that oil dies not drips off the chimney into your cooktop or oven or utensils while cooking, and you may maintain hygiene.

The need for professional help

Professional help is needed when you see that the suction power of the chimney looks feeble and inefficient. When the kitchen fumes are not extracted by the chimney motor well, and after cooking you get irritated with the accumulated fumes and gases inside the kitchen, you will have to call the chimney cleaning service for help. Their expert cleaning of the machine insides and chimney pipes will help you restore the kitchen chimney efficiency again.