Easy Analysis Of The Capacitor In Air Conditioner Repair

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When you research on air conditioner repairs , you will soon come to realize that the capacitor plays a very important role in your AC. Most of the times, when the AC is not working, the culprit is usually the capacitor! You might be wondering and asking yourself what the capacitor is and what role it plays in your air conditioner. For your air conditioner to work, the capacitor must be able to store energy from electricity and then work together with the compressor and blower motor to make the fan of the air conditioner run and provide you with cool air!

The smooth running of the capacitor sees to it that the motor and the fan are running as they should. The easiest way to figure out that the capacitor is the cause of your air conditioner troubles is to listen in when the air conditioner is running. If the capacitor is in good shape, you will notice there is a slight humming of your unit and also that your air conditioner motor is running. This means that the compressor and the blower motor are working but if the fan is not running or the fan is running but there is no humming or the motor isnt running, you have to get your tools and start air conditioner repair.

When you remove the outer casing of your air conditioner, you will notice a cylindrical object inside it. This is the capacitor! Before you start on air conditioner repair, it is important for your own personal safety that the power be turned off. You can then proceed to do a general inspection of the capacitor in order to identify what the problem is. If you capacitor looks misshapen or if it looks broken, you will have no choice but to replace it immediately. You should also check the connectors that join your capacitor to the power bank. If the wires are loose, chewed or broken, you will have to replace them and then afterward, troubleshoot in order to check if the wiring was the problem. If you have a voltmeter, you could want to confirm that the connector fuse is receiving power. To do this, you will have to turn the AC back on and therefore caution must be your first priority!

Replacing your capacitor is actually very easy. You will first have to remove the capacitor from its power bank and then disconnecting the connectors. During DIY air conditioner repair, some people do not pay attention to how the wirings have been done and then end up replacing parts incorrectly. To avoid being in this league, simply check and confirm how the wiring had been done before disconnecting the capacitor. You can use your phone to take photos just to be sure! When removing the wires, be careful not to yank them out. Set the old capacitor aside and then connect your brand new one with the wiring. Make sure to do the wiring properly and also to gently return it to the power bank.

After you have replaced the outside casing, it is now safe to turn on the air conditioner and check if it’s working!