How To Remove Squirrels From House

Squirrels are very cute and they look adorable. However, if they start invading your house, then it will only lead to infestation and damage. The squirrels are often termed and categorized as the pests when it makes a nest at your home.

“It is very common as well, especially when they have food they like. It is very common to have some food stuff in the kitchen or other places and the appealing smell could infest your home by the squirrels.” – Ontario Exterminator

Why is Squirrel a pest?

Before moving onto the removal, it is good to know that why it is actually categorized as a pest, even though the small animal looks cute at the garden. The squirrels can create a nuisance and do structural damage. They have sharp teeth and in search of food, they can break the glasses and jars. The plastic jars remain the most vulnerable to the squirrels. Apart from it, the disease from the squirrel infestation is also a matter of concern. Most importantly, they belong to the group of rodents.

How to remove Squirrel from your home

There are many who love animals and do not really want to adopt methods that would kill the squirrels. Poisons are generally used to kill the squirrels but that is not really followed and neither advised. There are many humane methods that can ensure that your home is not infested by the squirrels.

Air Pack your food

You need to make sure that your food is air packed. It is obviously very healthy habit and that also stops the squirrel. The general tendency of the squirrel is to seek for food and that is generally done by the smell. It is also advisable to do not expose the waste food. If the smell of the food attracts the squirrel, it would be encouraged to infest your house.

Clean your house

It is highly possible that the squirrels would build a nest at your house. It may be in corners, terrace or anywhere that is comfortable, warm and not exposed, the attic or roof remain the most location for the squirrels. You must ensure to clean the house properly and search for any nest of the squirrels. If you find any try to remove from your house. You can always seek expert advice and help to get the process done.

Live Trap

This is the most common method for removing the squirrels from the home. You have to identify the places where the squirrels gather at your home. You can put food and a live trap to get a hold of the squirrel. However, it is very likely that the small creature would have a family to feed and thus it is important to set all of them free together. You can call an expert to handle the kids of the squirrels. The newborns are generally very delicate and thus an expert should be consulted on this matter.

There are professionals and experts who handle the squirrels better than you could do considering the delegacy of the small bird. However, to remove the squirrels, you must take adequate and immediate actions before your home gets badly infested.