What To Understand Before You Install Your Own Shutters

You have finally decided on the best type of shutters for your home. You have measured ordered and are about to receive your new house shutters. The next step is to install them.
The installation of your shutters is as important as choosing the type you want.

There is no point in spending a large amount of money and then having them installed poorly or incorrectly . It really is best to get advice from a professional but if you have the right tools and are good with your hands it is possible to install these your self.

A lot of preparation depends on the type of shutters you are going to install.

Getting Permits and Permissions

Consult your local building department to see if you require a permit to install your shutters. This varies from state to state. I.e In Florida permits are required for just about every building related change.

Painting your Shutters

Sometimes people purchase their shutters in a natural wood and decide to decorate themselves in order to co ordinate with existing decor. White is a popular color choice and it does not show fade as quickly as colors. Apply a water based primer first before your color paint. It is not advisable to use a paintbrush rather use a spray can for a better finish and its ability to get into all the cracks and folds on your shutters.

Allow a full day for paint to dry before hanging your shutters

Plantation Shutters

The first thing to check is that your windows are perfectly square. Particularly in older homes the shutters can be effected by out of square windows which will cause doors to rub and crooked looking frames.Plantation shutters are designed to float with a small gap on all the sides that allows for slight variations.

However if a window is severely out of square then you will need to either mount the shutter outside the window frame or if you are an expert handyman,then install the mount shutters inside the frame using wood shims.

Hurricane Shutters

These shutters need to be very carefully installed . They are designed to protect your windows in the event of a storm and therefore particular care must be taken to ensure they do their job.

It is recommended that the fasteners be permanently installed .The repeated installing of these fasteners will only weaken the walls and damage connections that must be strong under pressure.
Make sure that any Hurricane Shutter kit that you purchase to install, has been fully tested and approved using one of the large missile impact tests.

Roller shutters

The most important point when installing a roller shutter is making sure that they are installed plumb and square.

If you have purchased electronic roller shutters you will have to get a certified electrician to wire them for you.

There are many company’s that will allow you to order your shutters on line . They normally deliver the shutters with comprehensive installation tips and advice .Each type of shutter has its own particular set of points to be aware of . If you are uncertain then ask a professional to assist.

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